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PulseTact Evaluation System

Medical researchers and product developers have long desired a simple, non-invasive means of capturing high-fidelity pulse waveform data. Existing systems were limited either to simply capturing a pulse rate or required cumbersome equipment. The simplest solution would be to just press a probe against the skin of the wrist, similar to how we measure the pulse with our fingers. With PPS technology, that simple solution is now a reality.

JXJ Technologies
is one of the first companies to embed the pulse sensor into their new jWatch,  a comprehensive health monitoring wrist watch designed specifically for the elderly population in China. Read more...

PPS’ PulseTact technology utilizes DigiTacts comprised of multiple tactile pressure-sensing elements to accurately and reliably capture pulse waveform while providing serial digital output suitable for embedded applications. PPS’ PulseTact Evaluation System is an easy to use tool for evaluating PulseTact sensors performance for potential OEM projects. And as a means for design engineers to accelerate their learning curve around PulseTact technology.

The evaluation sensor design is comprised of twelve 2.5 x 2.5 mm sensing elements arranged in a 3 x 4 array pattern. The sensor output can be saved and played back using Chameleon TVR software or exported in ASCII format for additional analysis. A Windows API & documentation and lower-level digital protocols are available to customers for integrating pulse data into OEM products.

PulseTact Evaluation System Advantages

•    Non-Invasive system for capturing high-fidelity pulse waveform data without precisely positioning the sensor
•    Highly Sensitive with acquisition rates up to 100Hz
•    First Multi-Element sensor used for health monitoring
•    Broad range of Sensor Design Options
•    No Chest-Strap needed
•    SPI or I2C serial digital interface for OEM integration
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PulseTact Evaluation System Components

•    2 un-mounted Pulse Sensors
•    D700 electronics interface module with USB or Bluetooth wireless connectivity
•    Chameleon TVR software for collecting and displaying pulse waveform
•    All necessary Cables
•    API & documentation for software development

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