Capturing the Sense of Touch! Pressure Profile Systems  Designs and develops the world's most advanced instrumentation systems for measuring distributed tactile and contact pressures

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Tactile Pressure Sensors for ERGONOMICS

Tactile Pressure Sensors in Robotics
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Featured Tactile Sensor Products
Standard TactArray Catalog NEW! Capacitive Force Switch
Low-cost controls with force sensing capability for automotive, medical, and consumer applications
Standard TactArray Catalog Standard TactArray Catalog
High-performance tactile sensors with immediate availability
TactileHead Pressure Mapping System TactileHead Pressure Mapping System
Capture contact pressures applied to the human head
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Dynamic Brake Pad Pressure Mapping
Thin pressure sensors capture high temperature and high pressure brake pad data

PPS' Pulse sensor embedded into health watch PulseTact Tactile Sensor System:
Embeddable high-fidelity tactile pressure sensor for pulse measurement
FINGERTPS II The World's Best Hand Grip and Grasp Measurement System FingerTPS II Flexible Pressure Sensors
Flexible pressure sensors accurately measure and analyze pressures applied by human hands

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