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 Davdi Ables and Kapono in Sport Science

Testing NBA Quick Release Finger TPS Sensors

Since 1990, the National Basketball Association has had a rule that a player may not catch and shoot the ball if less than 0.3s remain on the clock, reasoning that 0.3s is the minimum amount of time required to execute those motions.

To test this rule, Fox Sports Net's television show Sport Science called on PPS to accurately measure the minimum amount of time required to catch and shoot a basketball. PPS CTO David Ables worked in the episode with reigning NBA 3-Point Champion shooting guard Jason Kapono. Using a FingerTPS sensor on the middle finger of Kapono's shooting hand and custom software, PPS was able to precisely time the duration between the moment when the basketball made contact with Kapono's hand and the moment it left.

With PPS technology showing the way, was Jason Kapono able to challenge the long-standing rule, or was the NBA's position validated? Watch the entire Sport Science segment here (7:22) to find out: