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Dynamic Brake Pad Pressure Measurement System

Dynamic Measurements Under Real World Operating Procedures

How important is brake performance in an automobile? Most everyone would answer that it is extremely important to the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. So when a major manufacturing firm wanted to dynamically measure the pressure exerted on brake pads during use they turned to PPS for a solution. 

The resulting Dynamic Brake Pad Pressure Measurement System captures dynamic pressure distributions between brake pad and rotor surfaces during actual braking. The system features a high-resolution Industrial TactArray sensor designed to meet varying brake pad shape requirements and includes integrated temperature sensors which  correct for the extreme temperature changes during deceleration. The resulting Brake Pad Measurement System operates accurately and reliably in dynamic, pressures up to 700 psi and temperatures up to 200C, while providing quantitative and repeatable results.

PPS Brake Pad sensor, exploded view and assembled view

•    Static and dynamic pressure distribution measurement capabilities
•    Industrial strength Kapton construction for high-temperature and high-pressure conditions
•    Thermal compensation for accurate data collection without waiting for cool down time
•    Provides industry-leading quantitative results
•    Proven track record with leading automotive customers


•    Two Dynamic Brake Pad Sensors with 1.5m cable
•    Embedded Thermocouple for managing temperature transients
•    T4000 interface electronics with USB connection
•    Chameleon TVR software for real-time visualization and data acquisition
•    API for integration into Windows-based custom software

Sample brake sensor data image
Brake Sensor sample data image from Chameleon
Sensor Construction:
Industrial TactArray sensor image link
Industrial TactArray Sensor

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