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 FingerTPS Spec Sheet
Capacitive Sensing Primer

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FingerTPS Advanced Hand and Finger Pressure Sensors

FingerTPS II systems utilize highly sensitive, capacitive-based pressure sensors to reliably quantify forces applied by the human hands and pressure. 

Product designers use the FingerTPS II sensors to measure finger or grasp forces in activities like squeezing and opening bottles, or operating hand tools and machinery. Medical practitioners use the system to study chiropractic and massage therapy techniques, as well as finger/hand pressures applied during surgical procedures.  FingerTPS II customers use collected data to analyze and improve techniques and/or designs for their applications.


  • New Sensor Materials and Construction for better fit, comfort, and improved data collection
  • New Algorithms and Reference Sensor streamlines and simplifies the calibration process
  • New Encasing and Stand system for better sensor protection and storage
  • New Full Tactile Glove configuration option available
  • Faster and Easier Installation and Set-Up

The newly advanced FingerTPS II™ (Tactile Pressure Sensing) utilizes highly sensitive capacitive-based pressure sensors to reliably quantify forces applied by the human hand. It's the only practical and comfortable sensor solution that also connects wirelessly to your PC.

Watch CEO, Jae Son introduce the improvements of FingerTPS II:

FingerTPS Ergonomic Grasp Force Measurement System

  • Comfortable tactile sensors for human hands
  • User Configurable with up to 6 capacitive sensors per hand
  • Video recording, editing, and playback synchronized with tactile data
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows user mobility and freedom
  • Simple Calibration procedure using a PPS reference sensor
  • API available for custom configuration and system integration
With our powerful Chameleon TVR 2012 Software, FingerTPS II systems can be easily reconfigured and recalibrated for different uses of the hands on the fly.

FingerTPS II systems also include synchronized video recording to match tactile data with actual use. Precise force data and video images can be captured and displayed in real-time via PPS's Chameleon TVR 2012 Software, which has Tivo®-like versatility in recording time-series, average and peak force measurements.
Download FingerTPS Spec Sheet

FingerTPS II System & Sensor Types

Watch CTO, David Ables introduce the entire system and how it works:

Each FingerTPS II system supports two hands with up to 6 sensors per hand. The sensors are made from a soft, conductive Lycra® that conforms to the finger to allow dextrous operations and are held in place by soft silicone grips
. The wireless interface module can be recharged using a USB port and runs continuously for over 2 hours.

Standard Systems Include:
  • Any 2 sensors
  • Signal conditioning wrist assembly
  • Rechargeable wireless interface module
  • Hi-res web video cam
  • Reference sensor
  • USB Bluetooth transceiver
  • Chameleon TVR 2012 software
FingerTPS II System Case Stand Reference Sensor, Finger Sensor, Bluetooth, Palm Sensot
FingerTPS Sensors Come in 4 Shapes:
  • Finger (x-small, small, medium, or large)
  • Thumb (small, medium or large )
  • Band-aid (small or large)
  • Palm
Download FingerTPS Spec Sheet
FingerTPS II Sensor shapes: finger, palm, band-aid, and thumb

Chameleon TVR 2012 (Tactile Visualization and Recording Software)

PPS' Chameleon Tactile Visualization & Recording Software (TVR)The new ChameleonTVR 2012 (Tactile Visualization and Recording Software) offers real-time visualization, analysis, and playback of your FingerTPS II data. Chameleon TVR 2012 allows you to collect and view video and FingerTPS  II data simultaneously.

With Chameleon TVR 2012, configuration and calibration FingerTPS II system of your is a breeze. Simply indicate where the sensors are on the hand and press once on the included electronic reference sensor. There's no need to remember which channels are active or in what order the sensors were connected. Chameleon TVR 2012 tracks it all for you, and you're setup and calibrated in minutes.

Once you are collecting data, you can view selected sensors on the strip chart display. Digital displays show the real-time, time-averaged, or maximum values for all connected sensors, plus the total and peak force for each hand. At any time, you are free to change the units for display and export.

Features & Benefits of Chameleon TVR 2012 (Tactile Visualization and Recording Software):
  • Auto-detects connected sensors across all available channels
  • Simple, one-touch calibration
  • DVR-like capabilities allow simplified recording & editing
  • Video integration synchronizes actions to analytical data
  • Supports simultaneous collection from FingerTPS and TactArray systems

Case Studies & Videos       

The following is a list of projects that featured our FingerTPS sensors:

Link to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine case study

Training Touch

Link to FingerTPS Jason Kapono "Quick Shot" case study

FingerTPS w/ NBA

Link to FingerTPS, Sports Science and Jerry Rice case study

Video:   FingerTPS w/ NFL

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